Papeeria Terms, Privacy and Use policies

This page provides an overview of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Pricing Terms and Acceptable Use Policy.

Terms of service


Service is provided "as-is". We do not promise anything about its reliability, availability or ability to meet your needs. However, we will take appropriate actions on recovering service and data and will provide service status updates in our Twitter in case of failures. Well also keep you informed in advance about any planned downtime.

Carbon Copy Service

We run a read-only mirror of the main Papeeria service referred hereafter as Carbon Copy Service. Carbon Copy Service runs in its own availability zone (as defined by Google Platform) and synchronizes data with the main service in the real-time. In case if the main Papeeria service becomes unavailable, you can use Carbon Copy Service to access your data.

Privacy Policy

By registering on Papeeria and using it you provide us with different pieces of your personal information and express your consent to collect, store, process and disclose your personal information as described below.

As a rule of thumb, we do not share or disclose your personal information unless it is required for our service operations and improvements or is forced by law. We never sell your personal data to third parties for any purposes.


Cookie is a small piece of text data which is stored in your web browser and associated with a website. We use cookies for a few purposes: i) authentication and authorization; ii) storing preferences and iii) tracking site usage for analytical purposes.

Cookies of the first type are created after you sign in and are cleared when you sign out. Cookies of the second type are created when you sign in and stored across your sessions. We store your name, authentication method and preferred interface language. Cookies of the third type are created when you access any page of this site.

By using Papeeria you express your consent to store cookies in your web browser. If you wish to clear cookies, please refer to the help pages.


We may collect your email account in a few ways: i) you use email-based authentication; ii) you set your contact email in the settings; iii) your collaborator shares projects with you by sending invitation link through our mail server.

We do not send you unsolicit emails except for the following cases:

  1. Other Papeeria user shares a project with you through your email address. In case of abusing this feature we ask you to inform us through the support email.
  2. Your subscription is expiring and action is required from you to ensure smooth renewal or cancelling.
  3. We need some assistance from you to resolve production issue (e.g. if there is suspicious traffic coming on your behalf).

In particular, we do not send any promotional email without your explicit opt-in.

Project data

We use trusted third-party services for storing and processing your data. You can find the list of service providers and links to their privacy policies below.

You give us and our service providers a worldwide license to use, store, process, make copies and create derivative works and do other actions for the purpose of operating and improving the service and preventing unauthorized access. You DO NOT give us permission to make your content or its derivative works public available, unless you explicitly make your content public.

You give us permission to allow other users and search engines to access content which you explicitly make public.

You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. What belongs to you stays yours. What you keep private remains private.

Third-party service providers involved into storing and processing your data:

Pricing Terms

Paid plans

Prices quoted on the web site include VAT if applicable at rates for your country of residence.

Well keep you informed with all available means and in reasonable timing about any changes in the pricing scheme.

Free plan

What you get for free will remain free forever, although reasonable limits may apply (e.g. limits on the CPU usage or disk storage)

Acceptable Use

Please do not misuse the service. Do not keep illegal content and do not use the service for anything which is not related to its purposes. We retain the right to remove any content and suspend any account which we consider abusive.